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Announcing inQbate, a student-run integrated marketing agency

Announcing inQbate, a student-run integrated marketing agency

Students Alexandra Ofori-Atta (from left), Bianca Galan, and Austin Tolentino, members of inQbate, meet at Lake Shore Community Partners office in Loyola's Granada Center.

In the fall of 2014, seven Quinlan students saw an opportunity: the inactive marketing club could be refashioned into a unique hands-on business.

Over the course of 18 months, the undergraduate students collaborated with Senior Lecturer Stacy Neier to rebrand and reposition the student organization. This spring, their hard work led to the launch of inQbate, a student-run and -staffed integrated marketing communications agency.

“Students were eager for an organization where they could think through real marketing problems and apply it to their undergraduate education and career paths,” said Neier.

inQbate joins the Loyola Limited family of student-run business enterprises, which includes a restaurant, pub, guesthouse, and bicycle shop.

“We wanted to rebrand and reposition this new organization so that future students would be provided with an organization to wrap their arms around for career development, to have real-world exposure to clients, and to serve the needs of our community,” said Neier.

Although not a traditional advertising agency, inQbate provides students with an experience similar to marketing and communications consulting.

“By working in an integrated agency, not only am I developing closer relationships with clients through research, but I am also involved more strategically by collaborating with fellow peers who bring their unique experiences and skills from PR to graphic design to videography,” said sophomore Austin Tolentino, marketing assistant for inQbate.

A Unique Learning Experience

InQbate offers marketing, advertising, and branding services in the greater Chicago area, with a focus on the Edgewater and Rogers Park communities surrounding Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.

“The vision is to act as an incubator of ideas, and provide students studying advertising, marketing, graphic design, and public relations with a comprehensive, relevant, and unique experience,” said Neier.

inQbate is guided by an advisory board of alumni who worked for Loyola Limited in creative, marketing, communications, and advertising. inQbate students pitch ideas to the advisory board for feedback before presenting final materials to clients.

Commitment to Social Justice

inQbate brings a social justice lens to all of its work, beginning with the clients it serves: Loyola Limited businesses, social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations.

“We’re looking for companies or entrepreneurs in any industry that are already on their way to building businesses that improve communities, yet need that extra consultative team to make the biggest impact it can,” says Neier.