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IP Works podcast features Professor Hidding

IP Works podcast features Professor Hidding

Matthew Thibeau (left), interim director of Loyola's Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, interviewing Professor Gezinus Hidding on an episode of IP Works.

Professor Gezinus Hidding has a standard line when introducing Ignatian pedagogy to his business students.

“First, I point to my wedding band and say ‘I’m not a Jesuit,’ and I am also not Catholic, but I am very enthusiastic about the Ignatian paradigm,” said Hidding on IP Works, a podcast series sponsored by Loyola’s Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy.

The podcast series explores how the Jesuit concepts of Magis (maximizing our individual gifts for the common good) and Cura Personalis (care for the whole person) animates programs across Loyola.

Ignatian teaching in Quinlan

The interview with Hidding focuses on how and why the Quinlan School of Business and the information systems courses he teaches use Ignatian pedagogy. The Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm encompasses five pillars for teaching: context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation.

Hidding explains how his classes go beyond typical classroom lectures by giving students real scenarios and challenging them to solve the business issues.

According to Hidding, Ignatian pedagogy helps to prepare leaders rather than managers.

“The way I frame that is that managers are problem solvers. Leaders are problem formulators,” says Hidding. Leaders “formulate the problem, they frame the issues, and they essentially solidify the values that as an organization we believe in — or should believe in — in the eyes of that leader, and so it sets direction.”

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