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Jennifer Mulligan found more than just an MBA degree

Jennifer Mulligan found more than just an MBA degree

Jennifer Mulligan believes if you can get through a graduate business program, you can do anything.

Jennifer Mulligan (MBA ’20) came to Quinlan for an MBA, but she’s leaving with much more than that.

In 2019, she was selected by Quinlan to receive Loyola’s President’s Medallion, as she was a top student and an active volunteer for the business school. Mulligan also works full-time at the marketing agency Walker Sands.

She pursued an MBA as she wants someday to be a chief marketing officer of a fast-growing tech company. “In my research, I found that the majority of the top Fortune 500 C-Suite members have MBAs,” she says. “Learning how to be an ethical leader at Loyola has prepared me for that role.”

Reflections from the Class of 2020

To celebrate the Class of 2020, Mulligan and other Quinlan students created brief digital send-offs discussing Loyola, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their hopes for the future. Watch Mulligan’s message:

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Lifelong memories

Mulligan graduates from Loyola with deep friendships, Rambler pride, and a sense of accomplishment. “What I’m taking away from school is much more than what we were graded on,” she says.

One highlight of her MBA program was a study abroad trip to Southeast Asia with Professor Cliff Shultz. “I’m taking away the friends I made while exploring a wonder of the world and swimming with elephants in Southeast Asia on the most epic study abroad trip.”

Mulligan’s Rambler pride was sparked by basketball. “This experience for me was also about the school spirit and pride I felt cheering on the men’s basketball team in the Final Four and the rest of the country becoming as enthralled with Sister Jean as us.”

And while capstone projects are exhausting, Mulligan grew through the experience. “I’m also taking away the sense of accomplishment and relief I had with my capstone group when we turned in that 50-page business plan and sat down after that final presentation in Professor Harris’s class,” she says.

A support system

Mulligan credits her support system for helping her get through her MBA program. “I know I’m not describing anything unique to me. We all had our support systems, too. We wouldn’t have gotten through grad school – working, with our lives and our families – without them.” 

Her husband planned their wedding reception, down to picking out the bouquet Mulligan held, while Mulligan was busy with school. Her parents were patient as she studied and did homework over Thanksgiving breaks. Her friends “were beyond understanding with all the times I canceled plans to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, go shopping, or get dinner because I had class again.”

Even her work colleagues supported her. “They finished up work for me when I left abruptly for class or a group project meeting,” she says.

At the end, Mulligan believes that “if you can get through business school, you can do anything!”

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