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MBA student wins diversity leadership award

MBA student wins diversity leadership award

Quinlan MBA student Marvin Mathelier (Photo: Natalie Battaglia)

By Travis Cornejo  |  Student reporter

This summer Quinlan MBA student Marvin Mathelier was selected for Diversity MBA’s Graduate Student Leadership Award, picked from a pool of 100 qualified candidates.

“Marvin has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and truly epitomizes the leadership characteristics [this] award seeks to recognize,” said Quinlan Assistant Dean Katherine Acles, in a letter to the selection committee. “We believe he is worthy of this recognition.”

As one of the five award recipients, his profile will be published in Diversity MBA’s “Fall Leadership” issue, and he was honored at the 9th Annual Leadership Conference & Awards Gala in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Choosing Quinlan

Mathelier, the son of Haitian immigrants, was born and raised in Brooklyn. As an undergraduate, he attended Norwich University, a small military college in Vermont. Following graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps, deploying to Afghanistan.

“Once I got back, the Marine Corps gave me an opportunity to come to Chicago to be a recruiter,” he said. “During those two years as a recruiter, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to look at getting my master’s degree.”

He then decided to apply for business school and quickly found Loyola University Chicago and Quinlan School of Business were the right fit.

“Loyola fit my values,” Mathelier said. “The biggest thing about the military is we need ethical leaders. You can be proficient as a leader, but once you compromise your values and once your integrity is being questioned, that can hurt you for the rest of your career. I love how Loyola focuses on being an ethical leader. That’s why I decided on Quinlan.”

Student Involvement

He began at Quinlan in November of 2012, and he later became involved with the Quinlan Graduate Business Association, serving as president of the organization last year. According to Acles, the QGBA is the focal point for student interaction at Quinlan, hosting monthly networking and social events, sponsoring speaker forums, and other student activities.

“His leadership skills are exemplary and his results were outstanding,” Acles said. “Under Marvin’s leadership, student engagement has grown significantly.”

Assistant Director Mark Law adds, “On a personal level, Marvin is a warm and caring individual who seeks to connect with and collaborate with others. Marvin is the type of person that others look up to. He is dedicated to whatever endeavor he is pursuing. We are proud to have him part of the Quinlan community and celebrate his achievements with others.”

Mathelier’s quick to give credit to other members of his QGBA executive team, including Vice President of Events Emmanuelle Escandar and Executive Vice President Melissa Krot.

“They did a phenomenal job,” he said. “I had the guidelines and vision, but they just ran with it and pushed things through. They are great leaders as well.”

He said he also appreciates the support he received from Acles and Law. They gave his executive team the chance to take risks and try out new ideas.

“That gave me a whole new respect for Quinlan,” Mathelier said. “Because that’s what business school is about. If you have a new product or plan, and it’s a sound plan, you’re hoping your boss will say, ‘I’ll give you a chance to run with it and take that risk.’ That’s a sign of mutual respect.”

Looking Ahead

And that mutual respect from administrators is part of the long list of things he’ll miss about Loyola and Quinlan when he graduates this November, after three years of classes and working full-time.

“When I realized this was my last quarter, I was good to go,” he said. “But I was sitting in class the other day, thinking about the quality of the professors and facilities, when I realized I’m going to miss it. Quinlan has a great future, and I’m jealous I won’t be able to take classes past November.”