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Meet Student Nick Harazim

Meet Student Nick Harazim

Nick Harazim is the first in his family to attend college thanks to Loyola scholarships.

Early on, accounting major Nick Harazim had two related goals: he wanted to be the first person in his family to attend college, and he wanted to go to Loyola. But he knew that it would be a stretch for his family to afford his college education.

Then Nick got some great news: Loyola had awarded him two scholarships.

Below, Nick shares his journey to Loyola and how he is giving back to the Loyola community through service. 

Nick Harazim on his Loyola Journey

"Growing up, I was inspired by my mom. A single mother, she stressed the importance of education and juggled four jobs to help me attend a Catholic high school. I contributed, too, by working part-time at a grocery store. Both of us saved as much as we could towards our one big goal: I would be the first person in my family to attend college.

"I knew early on that Loyola was my dream school because it aligned well with my personal values, and my desire to study accounting. I also knew that attending Loyola would be a big investment for my family and me. We saved diligently for my college education, but our savings would not cover the entire cost of tuition.

"Then, to my relief, Loyola admitted me and awarded me scholarships supported by the Dillmann Family and Ernst and Young Foundation. Because of this scholarship support, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a Rambler.

"While here, I have worked with Quinlan School of Business professors on innovative research projects. I serve on the Board of Executives for the Loyola Peer Tutor Association, am a resident assistant for Fordham Hall, and a founding and executive board member for the newly created Business Ethics Club. I am also blessed to serve as a student representative and advocate on Loyola’s Board of Trustees. Serving Loyola has been an incredible honor, and I am thankful for the ability to give back.

"This summer, I will intern for Baker Tilly, an accounting and advisory firm, in the Risk, Internal Audit, and Cybersecurity Department. After graduation, I would like to launch my own private equity, investment, and real-estate business. I want to change the world through entrepreneurial endeavors, and remove the stress many people experience because of unfair financial barriers.

"The support of donors has fueled my desire to continue helping people around the world. As soon as I am able, I plan to support Loyola’s scholarship fund, as it has made a significant difference for other students and me.

"To support students like me, make a gift now by visiting LUC.edu/Quinlan2019. I speak for myself, and for all Loyola scholarship recipients, when I say, thank you!"