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Meet Tim Schroeder, Esquire fashion intern

Schroeder Profile
Year; Hometown
Senior; Naperville, IL
Marketing, Quinlan School of Business
Employer; Job title
Esquire; fashion intern

What did you do this summer as a fashion intern for Esquire magazine?

“Coordinated all incoming and outgoing samples … composed credit copy to run in each fashion editorial … [and] assisted on photo shoots by overseeing and recording shot pieces. I also dabbled in a bit of modeling when Esquire got really desperate and had to use my ankles and feet to show socks and shoes for a Style Guide in the September issue.”

What was your favorite part of the job?

“Assisting on photo shoots. I got to meet so many different people who work in all aspects of the industry. Plus, getting to see what goes into creating one picture is really quite shocking—I’m talking three hours for one shot.”

Which class best prepared you for your internship?

“An even mix between Marketing 201 with Alison Krzys and Management 201 with Theresa Erhrhart. Both taught me how to communicate on a professional level. If you can’t communicate effectively, then you will have a hard time in any industry.”

What is the most important lesson you learned?

“Never give up. No matter how many mistakes you make or how many times you do something wrong, you must come back and be ready to work. If everyone quit after the first time his or her boss said something mean or corrected [him] in a harsh way, there would be no one in the industry. ”

Typical office attire?

"Working in fashion, one might think that you need to be super stylish, but it can actually go either way; there were some total fashionistas, and there were some frumps too. My comfort zone was typically dark colors: jeans, sweaters (corporate A/C got the best of me), and always a good pair of sunglasses for running out to do errands."

Favorite lunch spot?

"Café 57! It was the employee cafeteria in Hearst Tower; if you didn’t know Hearst was a publisher of fashion magazines, you [could figure it out] by the longer-than-life salad bar line, and a dessert bar that went untouched (except by me)."

Your intern experience in one word?


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