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Changed for the better

Sidiropoulos profile
Undergraduate Degree
Finance and Economics
Clearing and Operations Senior Analyst, Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services
Schererville, Indiana

When Timothy Sidiropoulos (BBA '14) came to Quinlan four years ago, he was, admittedly, skeptical of what to expect. He graduated this past May and had this to say about his experience:

"I feel a strong sense of gratitude for the past four years of my life. Loyola University fostered an environment where it surrounded me with bright minds and contributed to my learning and enhancing me as a person. A significant aspect of life is improvement and enhancement. You sense a 'felt unease' with a situation, so a change must be made. People wonder where they should go to college. You can look at standings, costs, reputation, rankings, etc., and they are truthfully all important (regardless of what people say, each matters), but I believe you should go where you will become a better person, a new you.

'Enter one way, leave another.' 'Preparing people to lead extraordinary lives.' I thought it was a little much, but now that I have completed undergraduate school, I agree with these slogans (and truthfully, they are more than slogans—explicit objective universal university goals, if you prefer). The former is an attribute every university is obligated to provide if it wants to consider itself a quality university. I feel different; I left a changed person—so wonderful. The latter is a little more difficult, but realistically, we are all on a different time line, and I believe true Loyola men and women will lead these extraordinary lives, as Loyola promises. So I went in telling myself I am a Loyola man, and I am proving this.

Many of my close friends are succeeding very much in the same way. Medical school students, Fortune 500 workers, consultants, etc.—you are about to embark on a magnificent journey with the capacity to change the world. Let's make it better. We need to, and we will. I promise to do my part, and you promise to do yours. These past four years brought forth such potential for me, and I like to think I made the most of all my opportunities. I have changed, become more of the person I wanted to become, more of Tim that I had in mind, and will continue to improve.

Ladies and gentlemen, don't take a thing for granted. Again, you all contributed to my improvement, whether or not it was your intention. Through the valley of life, I persevered, and I hope if you are deserving, you will too (and again most of you are or have).

Northern Trust Hedge Fund Service, I am ready for you, and you are ready for me. Onwards with success, with improvement, with life in its entirety. With God's blessings, all is good and possible. And my dear friends, you and yours truly are deeply blessed."