Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Leaving his comfort zone—and landing a new job

gossain profile
Age; hometown
29; East Lansing, Michigan
Undergraduate degree
Political science, University of Michigan
Work experience; hobbies
Worked at Target Corp. headquarters in Minneapolis; also worked as a sales rep for Pfizer and Eli Lilly; currently gearing up for a two-year rotation with Trinity Health. Vinny likes to play tennis and its offshoot, platform tennis.

Why this program?

“Chicago has one of the biggest health care markets, and Loyola really excels in that area as well as in business. The overall market and the ability to network with people was a big bonus to me.”

What’s been your favorite experience so far?

“I really enjoyed my portfolio management class. The professor stretched us out of our comfort zone. He provided us with the theory of portfolio management and also brought into class some of Chicago’s most successful investment managers to help us understand how the theory is applied in the real world. A great learning experience.”

And your biggest challenge?

“Most of the finance classes I took were challenging, because in grad school, it’s a lot of self-learning. Some of my classmates work in finance or studied it for their undergrad degree, and that helped them in their studies, versus someone like me who got a degree in political science.”

What do you hope to do with your degree?

“My aspirations are to be a leader in the health care industry. The idea for me to go back to school was more to round out my skill set. I’ve had sales and marketing experience. I concentrated on finance while I was in school, because I had never taken any of those classes.”

Why Loyola (in 10 words or less)?

“Amazing access to professors. Great location.”

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