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New opportunities open for CME scholar Tyson Thomas

New opportunities open for CME scholar Tyson Thomas

CME Scholar Tyson Thomas (BBA ’21) is using the CME Group Scholar program to jumpstart his career.

Junior finance student Tyson Thomas has found a home at Quinlan and Loyola. After transferring to Loyola after his first year of college, Thomas found a great academic community and a springboard to success.

In fall 2019, Thomas was named a recipient of the CME Group Foundation Scholarship. The scholars program supports underrepresented students with a variety of majors in finance and technology. More about this program →

Below, Thomas discusses his journey.

Why did you choose Quinlan?

My freshman year I was at University of Northern Texas, but I realized it wasn’t for me and started looking for another school. I came up to Loyola to visit and fell in love with Chicago and Loyola. I liked the two campuses and that Quinlan is right downtown.

What interests you about finance?

My long-term goal is to become a tax attorney, and finance is one of the majors that can get you there. I also am not good with money myself, so I thought this would be a good way to learn more about money management myself. It’s a win-win situation.

My backup plan is to become a CPA. I’m looking at pursuing an accounting minor because I really enjoy accounting, so we’ll see what happens there. Otherwise, I do have an interest in law in general, so if not a tax attorney, then some other area of law that I would have the right skills for.

What does this scholarship enable you to do?

It lifts a financial burden and makes it a lot easier to afford school. The scholars also were able to meet with the CME Group to hear about them and what internship opportunities they have, which will be great as I start to look for an internship.

What sets Quinlan apart?

I really like that it’s on Water Tower Campus, right downtown Chicago, and the Schreiber Center is great. I feel like there’s a great community of people here. It’s smaller and feels like a special learning community. At University of Northern Texas, the business school blended in with the rest of campus and it was hard to build a smaller community. I appreciate Quinlan for doing its own thing. It’s a different kind of academic community in the best way possible.

What’s your favorite Quinlan experience?

Last year, I studied on the fifth floor of Schreiber with people from class. We were all struggling through accounting but we worked on it together. There’s great views from up there, and I remember it was kind of gray and drizzly outside, but it was very serene.

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