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Physician with an MBA

Physician with an MBA

Nelly Gonzalez (MBA ’19) aspires to be a healthcare administrator, but still wants to see patients on a regular basis.

Nelly Gonzalez decided to take a short hiatus from her medical program at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine to earn an MBA in Healthcare Management from Quinlan. Many asked her, "Why would a physician get an MBA?"

Gonzalez discussed her thought process on a recent Medicus podcast.

Why I'm getting an MBA

In the podcast, Gonzalez says that many practicing physicians go back to school to adjust career paths. In her case, she wanted to ensure she had the skills now to reach her long-term career goals.

When asked why she decided to get her MBA, she answered that she saw herself both seeing patients and taking a heavier role in healthcare leadership. In her view, an MBA complements her medical degree and provides the management skills she otherwise wouldn’t have.

Later in the podcast, she discussed how being a physician can help in an administrative role.

“When you ask someone like me to solve a problem in a hospital or clinic, you ask someone who has seen patients or continues to see patients,” she says. I “will be thinking about my perspective, as well as my patients’ perspective, and ensuring that it’s a safe, efficient process for the both of us. I think it’s harder when you don’t have that experience.”

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