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Alum earns position at University of Chicago Medicine

Alum earns position at University of Chicago Medicine

Grace Sperr (BBA '19) as she neared graduation in December.

Grace Sperr (BBA ’19) graduated in December from Loyola to work for UChicago Medicine. With the help of Quinlan professors and alumni, she earned her first post-job as a business systems analyst in the supply chain department.

During her final weeks at Loyola, Sperr reflects on her journey to Quinlan, her majors, and how she will stay connected.

Initial tour of Loyola

Sperr came to Loyola for an on-a-whim college visit. She was not planning to attend school in a city, but her mom encouraged her to visit Loyola while she was in the area.

“I ended up loving it!” she says. “The campus was so beautiful and just the right size. It offered the right mix of opportunities that come with being in the city and values that aligned with mine. As I became a business major later in my college career, being in Chicago became a plus, too.”

Sperr came to Loyola undeclared, but soon found her path through Quinlan’s core. Later, she declared two majors: Supply Chain Management and Information Systems.

“The thing I love about Quinlan is that with the core, you have to take a class in every major business area. I would have never picked supply chain otherwise, because I didn't even know what it was! Taking that first class opened me up to the field.”

Finding her calling

During her time at Quinlan, Sperr had an inkling that she wanted to go into healthcare supply management so she could make a positive impact in her community. She spoke with Professor Mike Hewitt about potential opportunities in the field. Hewitt connected Sperr with an alum, Hussam Bachour, who works at UChicago Medicine. The two set up a phone call for a discussion about the field. Sperr continued to consider her future in healthcare supply management, until she met Bachour again Quinlan’s supply chain career fair, and gave him her resume.

“From that interaction, I got an internship at UChicago Medicine last summer,” she says. Following the internship, she worked part-time for UChicago Medicine while finishing college.

“Before I graduated, they asked me to come on full time as a business analyst,” she says. “I graduated a semester early, and my first day on the job was January 6!”

Favorite Quinlan memory

As Sperr approached her last few weeks here, she shared her favorite Quinlan memory: the Quinlan Ramble to Boston in 2019. Sperr enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends from different fields and see what Quinlan alums are doing with their careers. She also enjoyed the ability to network across the country.  

“We got to explore a new city together,” she says. “By the end, we were looking out for each other and connecting each other to opportunities we thought would be good for them. We also made connections with alums in Boston through company visits and an alumni reception. Loyola is so willing to help you build connections in so many different ways and that trip exemplified that.”

As a recent alumnus, Sperr is most excited about being part of the Quinlan alumni network.

“Being at that alum reception made me want to be a part of that network and meet people in that setting,” she says. “The network and connections made are the most exciting part of this opportunity to grow.”