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Quinlan Executive Education wins silver from Chief Learning Officer magazine

Quinlan Executive Education wins silver from Chief Learning Officer magazine

Catherine Jones (right), director of Executive Education, along with Kristi Hodges, accepts the silver award for their custom partnership with DuPage Medical Group.

A Quinlan executive education program was recently awarded a Silver Learning in Practice Award for Excellence in Academic Partnerships by Chief Learning Officer magazine.

Created in partnership with DuPage Medical Group, the program was designed to transform the group’s physicians into strategic business leaders. The highly customized program, drawing from resources across the university, led to their recognition.

Catherine Jones, director of Executive Education, shares her thoughts on developing the DuPage program, and the work of her department.

Why do healthcare systems seek Quinlan out for these programs?

We have worked with some of the largest healthcare systems in Illinois, and we have become known for our work in the industry.

We understand the rapid change happening now in the healthcare sector. It’s largely around legislation. But what we’re finding is that physicians were trained in one way—to be physicians and to focus on the patient.

Now with changes in legislation and the Affordable Care Act, they’re expected to be not only a physician, but also a businessperson. Care has become more outcomes based, more collaborative and driven by metrics that weren’t as critical before.

Can you describe the custom program for DuPage Medical Group?

We put together a mini-MBA curriculum for physician leaders and offered the sessions at one of their medical facilities. Each of the sessions had a different topic, such as leadership, communications, project management, finance, or accounting.

The program included an embedded capstone project, so participants actually had a chance to use the skills they were learning in the classroom to solve a strategic challenge inside the organization. And they worked in teams to accomplish that.

Once a program is designed, how is it executed?

It’s very much a partnership between the client and Loyola. Faculty members bring their subject matter expertise, and the executive education team brings our knowledge of the client and understanding of instructional design for adult and executive audiences. And so together, we craft the learning experience for our clients.

We draw from resources across the university. For example, Quinlan offers an MBA in Healthcare Management. A Quinlan alumnus is the CEO of a healthcare system in Tennessee. We accessed his industry expertise in combination with Quinlan’s faculty, to create a learning opportunity that would resonate with the physicians.

What makes Quinlan’s Executive Education program distinctive?

In this case, it was our ability to listen to what our client really needed and provide a customized solution. We don’t tell a client what they need. We sit down with them, and together, we determine the direction that we should go. And that really sets us apart.

A lot of people think of Quinlan in terms of degrees—undergraduate and graduate—but even after earning a degree the need to build additional skills continues. Just because you have your degree or license, learning doesn’t stop. Executive Education plays a primary role in the effort of providing access to continuing education.

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