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Quinlan faculty and staff award winners 2020

Quinlan faculty and staff award winners 2020

Quinlan School of Business faculty and staff members were recognized for excellence in teaching, research, and service during the 2019-20 academic year.

In May 2020, Quinlan recognized 16 faculty and staff members through the annual Quinlan Faculty and Staff Awards.

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Faculty Awards

Professor John Kielb professional headshot

Professor Katherine Sredl professional headshot against a white background

Undergraduate Teaching Excellence

John Kielb
Katherine Sredl

Professor Michael Welch professional headshot 

Graduate Teaching Excellence

Mike Welch

Adjunct instructor Mary Beth Cummings professional headshot 

Adjunct instructor James Murphy professional headshot

Part-Time Faculty of the Year

Mary Beth Cummings
James Murphy

Anne Reilly professional headshot against a white background 

Dean's Service

Anne Reilly

Professor Frances Lee professional headshot 

Research Excellence

Frances Lee


Mission-Driven Faculty of the Year

Carolyn Tang Kmet

Professor Mary Ann McGrath professional headshot 

    Headshot of professor Dawn Harris 200x100

Professor John Kostolansky professional headshot

Lifetime Achievement in Teaching and Service

Mary Ann McGrath
Dawn Harris
John Kostolansky

Dean's Staff Service Awards

Staff Member of the Year

Laura Zbella

Allison Davis professional headshot 

Outside-the-Box Thinker

Allison Davis

Director of Communcations Anne Divita Kopacz professional headshot 

Pop Culture Pro

Anne Divita Kopacz

Patricia Hernandez professional headshot 

Rising Star

Patty Hernandez

Katie Laugel professional headshot against a white background 

Rookie of the Year

Katie Laugel