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Quinlan named "Hidden Gem" for recruiters

Quinlan named "Hidden Gem" for recruiters

College Recruiter recently recognized the Quinlan School of Business as one of the 12 “Hidden Gem Index” winners for 2015. This distinction identifies the top colleges and universities that employers look at for potential hires.

“They surveyed different employers and asked about which universities they preferred working with and why,” said Hassan Akmal, Business Career Services director. “Based on that feedback, Quinlan School of Business was identified as one of those universities that had something special about them, when it came to their recruiting methodology and experience with employers.”

Separating from the Rest

Akmal said it was a real honor for his team to be honored in such a competitive field. As part of the recognition, he and Wren Donofrio, assistant director of Business Career Services, participated in a webinar to discuss what differentiates Quinlan from other colleges and universities.

They covered topics ranging from career readiness to the dos and don’ts of recruitment. Watch the webinar below.

“One of our goals is to foster a university-wide career culture that celebrates success,” Akmal said. “And we can’t do that unless we know the success of our students. We want to hear about their stories. We want them to come back and talk with students and faculty.”

Another reason for his team’s success is programming. He said attractive programming pieces allow students to stay engaged. View the Quinlan events calendar.

Fall Business Career Programming

“We have, at the beginning of the school year, meet-and-greets with employers,” Akmal said. “And that’s part of our career culture. A student will walk onto campus and see employers from various industries setting up tables, just to meet and greet students.”

The meet-and-greets ran till mid-September. And that leads into Career Week, which is employers’ first opportunity to get a glimpse at Quinlan students.

“Career Week is an opportunity for students to hear from employers that are working in the various industries,” Akmal said. “We also have mock interviews and cover letter reviews, by employers. Students can hear feedback directly from employers.”

It’s also an opportunity for employers to get an idea of the students they’ll be meeting. Akmal said sometimes it’s easy for a student to overlook a particular company, so Career Week gives employers a chance to make more connections with students.

Following Career Week is the Career Fair, which begins Sept. 24. Last year’s fair had almost 80 employers with 500 students in attendance. According to Akmal, it was the biggest one in Quinlan history.

“This year we’re using the space in our new Schreiber Center,” he said. “And we’ve already registered enough employers to fill the room.”

Leading into November, employers will work with students—accepting resumes, holding interviews, and potentially extending offers for internships and full-time positions. And then the whole process is repeated in the spring.

“It’s a very robust schedule, which not every university has,” Akmal said. “Some universities are pushing just to get employers on campus. Luckily we have a full schedule, and we’re trying to do more events throughout the year.”

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