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Quinlan offers new graduate certificate in Information Systems

Quinlan offers new graduate certificate in Information Systems

Professor Nenad Jukić directs the Information Systems Graduate Certificate program. He has taught at Quinlan since 1999.

This year, Quinlan launched a new graduate certificate in Information Systems, which offers the opportunity for intense immersion in the field without committing to a full-time graduate program.

In this five-course program, students learn how to translate business goals to technology solutions. The certificate can be a stand-alone credential or be applied later to a Quinlan MBA with an information systems concentration.

Quinlan’s information systems students have historically enjoyed “extremely high” job placement rates in the field, according to Professor Nenad Jukić.

“If you’re a serious student with interest, aptitude, and dedication, you’ll have job offers by the time you graduate, if not sooner,” he says.

Here, Jukić shares some additional insights on the new certificate program.

Who’s this certificate for?

The target is people who are looking to learn the skills necessary for managing projects related to information systems. You have to have some inclination and aptitude for the field of data and information.

You don’t need a background in computer science or information systems. This program is for those with background in accounting, finance, economics,  marketing, statistics, math, psychology, or other fields. We’re looking for students who are either looking to change paths or supplement their existing career.

What makes Quinlan’s Information Systems program stand out?

I would say we’re second to none in our instruction. We have top-notch instructors.

We’re well connected into a sizeable alumni network. And I think our location in Chicago is a tremendous advantage, offering numerous opportunities with local companies in this high-growth industry.

What are the Information Systems courses like?

We have great courses. We continuously monitor what skills are necessary. And even though our field changes a lot faster than any other field, not everything in the required skill set changes from year to year. So we have an excellent balance, of changing when we need to change and not being too reactionary to the latest trends.

With what we teach in our courses, our students leave with a competitive advantage. And a great faculty teaches all our courses. I’ve worked for a long time on this program, and I’m really proud to say that every one of our core classes is taught very well.

Are companies hiring for Information Systems?

Silicon Valley, Seattle, and even Chicago—all these cities are experiencing shortages of talent. For example, we just had a visitor from Amazon, and he told us they have a staggering amount of unfilled jobs in the field. It’s really not difficult at all for a brand new graduate to get a job. It’s to the point where companies end up poaching talent after two or three years. At that point, you’re golden. Growth is showing no signs of leveling off, much less declining.

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