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Recent graduate launches career at innovative digital agency

Recent graduate launches career at innovative digital agency

"Growth is the most important thing to me, so I am focused on developing all the skills necessary to help me succeed in the digital field," says Peter Archibald, BBA ’16.

By Whitney Critten |  Student reporter

Recent graduate Peter Archibald, BBA ’16, launched his career with the hands-on support of his Quinlan instructors and the practical skills he gained in the classroom.

While a student at Loyola, Archibald established a strong bond with Senior Lecturer Stacy Neier Beran, who helped him land a social strategy and activation internship at Hyatt. It was Neier Beran who encouraged him to apply and sent a letter of support to the hiring manager: her former student, James Geiger, BBA ’13.

During Archibald’s internship, his team won the annual summer intern competition, which challenges interns to increase customer satisfaction and retention by improving existing digital processes and products. He and his team were then invited to present their pitch to Hyatt’s chief marketing officer.

Shortly after graduation, Archibald joined Performics, a top digital agency in Chicago, as an associate media manager. 

Here, he reflects on his time at Hyatt and Performics, his future career goals, and his advice to students.  

How did Hyatt prepare you to work in digital?

At Hyatt, I gained valuable experience working on different digital projects that affirmed my commitment to working in the digital field. It was an amazing opportunity at a great company, with a great culture and great people.

Coming into the internship, I had skills gained from working on class projects throughout my time as a student at Quinlan, but I was lacking real-world experience. At Hyatt, I was able to own projects and work with a group of impressive colleagues that really helped me to foster and grow my skills throughout the summer.

I also had an amazing boss, James Geiger. He taught me essential concepts needed to be successful in the digital industry, while also being a strong mentor and great friend. I left my internship at Hyatt feeling very confident in my abilities and excited to enter the workforce.

How did you land a position at Performics?

When I began looking for a job, I researched digital agencies in Chicago and made a list of where I could see myself working with assistance from Professor Neier.

When I interviewed at Performics, I made sure to ask questions to make sure the job was not only a fit for me, but that I was a fit for the company. Overall, it took me about a month to find a job and I started my current role at Performics in July 2016.

At Performics, I’m involved with multiple aspects of a clients’ account including performing keyword and website research, ad copywriting for search campaigns, tracking analytics and data, and creating engaging visual presentations for both the client and my team. I’m constantly learning new skills and building upon what I learned at Loyola, and I love it!

What are your future career goals?

Growth is the most important thing to me, so I am focused on developing all the skills necessary to help me succeed in the digital field. There’s always a new platform or new technology to be learned—it’s never mundane work! 

James left me with a great piece of advice last year: “When you stop learning in a role, that’s when you need to leave.” I plan to always be moving forward and seeking greater opportunities.

What advice do you have for students?

Utilize Quinlan’s Business Career Services to get help with your resume, and attend the fall and spring career fairs. Recruiters are there to find students to fill entry-level roles and internships.

It’s all right to be nervous; recruiters are most likely also nervous to meet you. Focus on engaging with them through conversation and ask questions. I would strongly urge anyone to take business cards and use those to add recruiters on LinkedIn. It’s a wonderful tool that will help you in the future.