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Supply and Value Chain Center enjoys a successful year in 2018

Supply and Value Chain Center enjoys a successful year in 2018

The Supply and Value Chain Center reported a successful year in 2018. Through consulting projects comprised of students and faculty alike, the center worked with 11 organizations in four continents last year, resulting in $2.5-3.5 million in profits.

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The Supply and Value Chain Center offers a four major services: membership, education and networking, consulting and research, and recruitment.


The center currently has more than 50 corporate partners across 12 different industries. They helped handle some of the most pressing challenges presented to businesses, including continuing to drive business growth and profitability, increasing global and connected consumer base, providing ethical and sustainable strategies and solutions, and managing risks.

Betsey Nohe, vice president of supply chain at Morton Salt, Inc., finds great value in membership, saying, “Our membership in and partnership with the Loyola Supply and Value Chain Center is part of our strategy around attracting, training, and retaining our supply chain employees."

Education and networking

More than 200 supply chain organizations were represented at educational and community-building events in 2018. The events included the Solutions Summit, Solutions Workshops, Blockchain Summit, and the Leadership Conference.

On the academic side, our undergraduate supply chain/logistics program was ranked the top program Chicago, as well as No. 12 graduate supply chain/logistics program in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report 2019.

Consulting and research

The center’s consulting team is comprised of students and staff working with 11 organizations in 2018. They worked with organizations to address challenges with inventory reduction, project management, supply chain assessment, benchmarking, and supplier relationship management. The center also works closely with the supply chain management faculty to collaborate on research important to their specific industries.


The center helps member organizations fill staff and intern positions as well through their recruitment assistance program. In 2018, they found candidates for 60 positions at various companies.

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