Class of '20-21, please report your internship or full-time job

Did you know that career outcome surveys have a significant impact on the collegiate rankings that often determine the value of your degree? By filling out this survey, you are helping to continue Quinlan’s move up the rankings, making your degree that much more prestigious. 

Whether you have secured an internship, a full-time position, been accepted into a graduate program, or have not yet found the right fit or made your final decision, we want to know your plans! 

If you are already employed, we also want to know. WHY?

  • So we can brag about our amazing grads to future Ramblers
  • Inspire current undergraduate and graduate students with your great successes
  • Assist current students negotiating salaries with employers
  • Allow employers to offer competitive salaries to our future graduating students

Your participation is confidential and will take about 5 minutes!

Success Stories

Read the career success stories of recent Quinlan alumni and current students.