Boston: Before We Embark

As we get ready to depart for the Ramble to Boston, I am feeling very excited to head out east. As the returning student who went to the west coast to Seattle last year, I am excited to see those key differences from the west to the east coasts in terms of business cultures. I personally have a large interest in consulting as an industry, and Boston is home to some of the very best consulting firms in the country. I hope to absorb what Boston has to offer both from a tourism standpoint or from the aspect of networking.

Another exciting aspect of the trip will be connecting with a group of students and alumni with a wide variety of majors, ages, and professional experiences. Our Ramble 2019 community will grow very close to one another in a short amount timel we will build wonderful business connections and personal connections for years to come.

I am very grateful to be attending this trip again, and hope to further myself as an individual, business person, student, and member of the Loyola community!


Reginald Bailey (BBA '19)
Economics, Information Systems