Seattle: Global Seas and West Monroe Partners

Today was the final full day of the Quinlan Ramble. We concluded by visiting Global Seas and West Monroe Partners in Seattle. Followed by dinner at Cuoco, an Italian restaurant and a group reflection of the overall business trip.

Global Seas was a change of pace because it has much more of an entrepreneurial start up and those values were very much reflected when the founder gave us a presentation about the company, his feelings and excitement were in his words the entire site visit. It was interesting to see that this company provides McDonalds with fish for their fish fillet sandwiches! Global Seas has their Seattle base on a beautiful piece of land that was previously owned by the US Navy. This company and their employees put an emphasis on relationships and that they hire based on values not just skillsets; and this creates a unity for their particular work.

Our visit to West Monroe Partners was the most fulfilling ending to this trip. We were hosted by Sadia Anees, a Loyola alum. And also, a part of the first group of Quinlan Ambassadors, a student organization that I am currently apart of. We had a discussion about consulting as an industry and then we realized that we were both brothers of Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity. This conversation really reaffirmed me that the steps that I am taking in my undergraduate career beyond the classroom will set me up for success in the future. We had the pleasure of having two panel discussions for our questions. The first was a group of experienced consultants with around two years of experience. They assured us that consulting is a relationship with clients and information or ideas are readily available from anywhere inside of the firm. The next panel was managerial level consultants, and their overall career advice of asking for anything from employers and leadership definitely left a mark on me.

The group dinner at Cuoco was definitely a capstone to our business trip. I had the chance to try some salmon ravioli, which to me is an out of the box kind of idea, and it was amazing! Along with this food, we all had the chance to interact as a group over some good food and share some of our more ridiculous photos of the trip.

We had a chance to reflect as a group about each other and the overall business of this Ramble. This was both empowering and eye opening to see how much one can impact another in just one week’s time. I’ve heard many people say, it is not about what you do for someone but how you made them feel. Both the various company visits and this group of students has given me a feeling I will never forget and I will take with me beyond just the Quinlan School of Business.



Reginald Bailey (BBA '19)
Economics, Information Systems