Seattle: Final Reflections

In retrospect, I reflect on the positive experiences I had as a student, professional, and a tourist with peers, professionals and the city. As a student double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems, it was an eye-opening experience to see how the material we learn in our business classes comes to life in the corporate setting. I found the opportunity to sit with Supply Chain Professionals and ask them questions regarding real business problems and advice to be very valuable. Furthermore, several of the professionals who reflected on their experience and the impact their Jesuit education had on their careers was overwhelmingly positive.

There were couple speakers whom with I truly resonated with. One being Nate from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He spoke on how student’s engagement and extra-curricular activities can be excellent opportunities to grow and fail in an incubated setting. The conclusion came to be that what you do in college and within your student organizations most likely will not cause the organization millions of dollars if you mess up, but a wrong decision in the board room will. This opportunity to go to Seattle was an opportunity to explore career opportunities and their cultures to determine what for me might be a best fit.

At Loyola, I have found several student and university organizations that have helped me grow. In these last three years, I know which professors and staff I can go to for help and where to communicate my big ideas. I have also developed good relationships within so if I need help with a resume or good advice I have someone to ask. In addition, Loyola’s mission has truly resonated with me and motivated me to give back to the Loyola and Non-Loyola community. As a junior (soon senior), I am nervous to leave my comfortable community and leap into the unknown. However, the opportunity for these organizations to show us their culture, their business and their values allowed me to identify and compare the organization cultures and see how they compared to organizational culture at Loyola.

As a tourist, I appreciated the spirit of the Pike Place Market, the bustling downtown city shops, the coffee culture and the evergreen and mountain top scenery. I loved the sea otter paraphernalia and the chance to visit another Jesuit University. The innovation and progress noted in a city that has sporadic rain showers. The birthplace of Chihuly art, home of the space needle and a relaxed ‘jeans to work’ culture. Overall, I enjoyed the people, both the students and professionals within Loyola and local businesses, who took the time to share their career insights and journeys with me. I am optimistic for the future and eager to set the world on fire.


Christina Villarreal (BBA '19)
Supply Chain Management, Information Systems