Seattle: Final Reflection

Seattle: Final Reflection

"It was the constant energy and passion from all the other members that kept me going from one early morning to the other," said Rotluangpuii Ralte (BBA '18).

Saying goodbye to Seattle… and leaving with a fresh mind and new relationships.

The Quinlan Ramble to Seattle has finally come to an end, and I definitely got more out of it than I had ever hoped for. It was sincerely a transformative and enriching experience. I was able to build connections with fellow business students and network and learn from professionals from different industries. Seattle itself had a very calm and fresh rhythm to it; something different from Chicago’s scene. Tourist sites like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market were a must for Seattle, but what really made me appreciate the city was the diverse food choices that it offered. During our trip, I was able to eat Trinidadian, Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, Southern soul food, a bunch of fresh sea food, chowder, and of course burgers.

The highlight of the trip was all the company visits. All the professionals at the companies were very honest and open about their experiences and shared insightful career and life lessons. It was reassuring to constantly be reminded that it is okay for our career paths to change and to grasp every opportunity that we come across. One thing that amazed me the most was the initiatives that different companies took to address and alleviate issues concerning minorities, developing countries, the environment, etc. I truly am grateful for all the Loyola alumni who organized our visits to the companies. The 8-day trip really was an ongoing example of different people exemplifying the Jesuit values and giving back to the community. It was inspiring to see so many professionals strive for continuous improvement in their lives. I can confidently say that this trip has helped me grow both on a professional and personal level.

Looking back at the 8 day trip, I realized how packed and busy our schedule was, but never did I feel drained or defeated at the end of our days. It was the constant energy and passion from all the other members that kept me going from one early morning to the other. You would think that the shuttle ride back to the hotel after a 12 hour day would be silent, but it was often the total opposite. The shuttle rides to and from the company visits were often full of life and energy whether it was at 8am or 9pm. The other Ramblers from our trip have shown and taught me passion, empathy, curiosity, compassion, self- worth and to learn how to not take life too seriously.

I have grown a lot and I am so grateful for the companies, the organizers of this trip (Allison, Aminatu & Fernando) and the other Ramblers who decided to share this amazing experience with me.


Rotluangpuii Ralte (BBA '18)
Marketing, Finance