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CTA now issues a permanent U-Pass to students (Ventra Card) that works as a UPass during school terms and fare cards when the U-Pass benefit is not active (university breaks).

Furthermore, the card is permanently issued to the student with a 5-year expiration date.

First Year Students (and students who have never had a U-Pass before)

  • For new students needing a U-Pass, distribution is August 23–August 29
  • All students enrolled full time (12 credits for undergrad, 8 credits for grad) and have an ID picture on file by August 18, 2014 will have a permanent U-Pass at distribution
  • Late enrolling students can visit distribution to order a U-Pass and get a temporary transit card that will last until their pass arrives (5–7 business days)

For returning students (students who have been issued a U-Pass)

  • U-Passes will activate automatically as long as they are registered full time August 18 and DO NOT have a negative balance on their cards (they can check this on the Ventra Chicago web page)
  • Students enrolling (or becoming full time) late (after August 18) can visit distribution to verify their passes are activated
  • Students needing a replacement U-Pass ($50 paid via Rambler Bucks) should visit the Damen or Terry Student Center Information Desks for assistance. Replacement passes arrive within 7–10 business days and temporary transit cards ARE NOT GIVEN.

U-Pass distribution will begin Saturday, August 23. Please visit the U-Pass website for detailed information and distribution schedule. Undergraduate students will need to pick up their U-Pass at the Lake Shore Campus.

Detailed distribution times and locations can be found here, or contact upass@luc.edu.