Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


BBA/MBA Program

All Quinlan School of Business students must complete 13 courses to develop a solid understanding of all areas of business:

  • ACCT 201: Introductory Accounting I
  • ACCT 202: Introductory Accounting II
  • BSAD 343: Business Analytics
  • ECON 201: Principles of Economics I (Micro)
  • ECON 202: Principles of Economics II (Macro)
  • FINC 301: Introductory Business Finance -or- FINC 334: Principles of Corporate Finance (required for Finance majors and minors)
  • ISSCM 241: Business Statistics
  • INFS 247: Business Information Systems
  • SCMG 332: Operations Management
  • LREB 315: Law and the Regulatory Environment of Business
  • MGMT 201: Managing People and Organizations
  • MGMT 304: Strategic Management
  • MARK 201: Principles of Marketing

For a complete list of Quinlan School of Business courses, see Course Offerings.

In addition to the Business Core, student must also complete the following Quinlan School of Business requirements:

  • COMM 103: Business & Professional Speaking
  • MATH 131 or 161: Elements of Calculus or Calculus I (students majoring in Finance are strongly encouraged to take MATH 161 instead of MATH 131)
  • MGMT 341: Business Ethics
  • BSAD 220: Internship and Career Preparation
  • Two Writing Intensive courses, one of which must be a Quinlan course or ENGL 210
  • Global Awareness.  The course used to satisfy this requirement may include any course from the GIST major group including ANTH 100, 102. ASIA 101, INTS 101, LASP 101, PLSC 102, or a study abroad experience will count toward this requirement.

Degree Requirements

In addition to completing the requirements for the BBA, students must complete requirements for the MBA degree. Loyola's standalone MBA requires 18 courses plus an undergraduate internship. In the five-year combined degree program—because four MBA courses (plus the quantitative methods prerequisite) may be waived with a B or better in selected undergraduate courses—the MBA portion of the combined degree may only require 14 courses. Additionally, a quantitative methods component may be required may be required for those students who have not taken the equivalent of Calculus I and earned a grade of B or higher.

In addition to earning five course waivers, qualified students may substitute up to three advanced courses for MBA core courses. The breakdown of required and elective courses within the 14 courses varies based on course waivers and advanced course standing. A Quinlan School of Business graduate program academic advisor will approve course waivers and substitutions upon admission to the MBA program.

Required coursesCan be waived with a “B” or better in the following courses
ACCT 400: Financial Accounting ACCT 201 and ACCT 202
ISSCM 491: Managerial Statistics ISSCM 241 or appropriate statistics class
ECON 420: Managerial Economics ECON 303 (ECON 201 and ECON 202 are prerequisites), or 304 (at least two)
An additional MBA fundamental core course At least two courses (excluding business ethics) in marketing, management, information systems, or finance
Quantitative Methods MATH 131/MATH 161 or the equivalent

Course Sequence

A typical course sequence for a Loyola BBA/MBA student is as follows:

Loyola Junior or Senior Year
BSAD 351: Business Internship: Core Civic Engagement
UNIV 390: Internship Seminar: Organizational Change and Community Leadership (either must completed prior to start of MBA program)
Second Semester, Loyola Senior Year
MBA elective for the undergraduate major
MBA core
Summer Quarter Following Loyola Graduation
MBA core
MBA core
Fifth Year, Fall Quarter
MBA elective
MBA elective
MBA elective
Fifth Year, Winter Quarter
MBA elective
MBA elective
MBA ethics course
Fifth Year, Spring Quarter
MBA elective
MBA elective
MGMT 430: Capstone Course