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Quinlan School of Business

Honors Program

The Quinlan School of Business Honors Program is a transformational experience designed to provide highly qualified and motivated Quinlan students an opportunity to deepen their mastery of business and learn from each other in a stimulating environment.

Quinlan Honors students are required to:

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Departmental Honors
In addition to Quinlan Honors, several Quinlan departments offer honors programs for majors. Learn more →

Quinlan Honors Curriculum

Quinlan Honors students take Honors-only sections of the business core curriculum in all semesters. In general, Honors-only sections are smaller in size and challenge our students to think critically about the various subjects that are taught in the business core curriculum.

Six Quinlan Honors courses are required at the 200 level and 7 Quinlan Honors courses are required at the 300 level.

Quinlan Honors core curriculum:

  • ACCT 201H: Introductory Accounting I 
  • ACCT 202H: Introductory Accounting II 
  • BSAD 343H: Business Analytics 
  • INFS 247H: Business Information Systems
  • ISSCM 241H: Business Statistics 
  • ECON 201H: Principles of Microeconomics  
  • FINC 334H: Principles of Corporate Finance
  • LREB 315H: Law and the Regulatory Environment of Business I
  • MARK 201H: Principles of Marketing 
  • MGMT 201H: Managing People and Organizations 
  • MGMT 304H: Strategic Management 
  • MGMT 341H: Ethics in Business 
  • SCMG 332H: Operations Management

Quinlan Honors students also take some Honors-only sections of the non-core business curriculum such as:

  • BHNR 338: Business Management: A Global and Social Perspective
  • BHNR 343: Integrated Analytical Decision Making
  • BHNR 353: Research Practicum

Quinlan Honors students are required to take either BHNR 343 or BHNR 353.

Each class is only offered one term per academic year, as follows:

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
BHNR 338 BHNR 343
BHNR 353 BSAD 343H (will move to Fall Semester only after Spring 2021)
BSAD 343H  FINC 334H  
INFS 247H LREB 315H (will move to Fall Semester only after Spring 2021)
LREB 315H MGMT 304H 
MGMT 201H  
SCMG 332H  

Study abroad for one semester is encouraged but not required.

Co-Curricular Projects

Each year, Quinlan Honors students are required to complete a co-curricular project in the areas of research, service, and leadership. This annual project is presented at the end of year to all Quinlan Honors students and submitted to the program director.

Quinlan Honors Seminar

Every Thursday, the Quinlan Honors community comes together for a weekly seminar. Seminar includes senior-level guest speakers from the Chicago business and nonprofit communities, service projects, and occasional social activities.

Graduation Requirement 

To graduate in the Quinlan Honors program, you must complete ALL program requirements and have a 3.5 GPA at the end of the four years.

Applying for the Quinlan Honors Program

Acceptance into the Quinlan Honors Program is competitive and spaces are limited. Interested students who have been admitted to Loyola University Chicago may apply prior to the beginning of their first year, sophomore, or junior years. All applicants will hear whether they have been accepted, not accepted, or waitlisted.

Incoming first-year students

  • Incoming first-year students with a minimum ACT score of 29 or a minimum SAT score of 1330 and a minimum GPA of 3.6 out of 4.0 are encouraged to apply.
  • Newly admitted students must apply through their student portal at LUC.edu/portal.

Current Loyola students and new transfer students

  • Rising sophomores and higher are encouraged to apply.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.6 out of 4.0 and at least 60 credit hours left in your degree. No applicants are accepted after the beginning of their junior year.
  • All non-incoming first years who apply must review course planning with Quinlan Advising. To schedule an appointment, email QuinlanUBUS@luc.edu.
  • If you meet the above criteria, please email the Quinlan Honors Program Director Amy Kyhos at akyhos@LUC.edu for an application.
  • An interview may be required.

First-Year Student Housing Requirement

All incoming first-year Quinlan Honors students who submit a housing application will be assigned to live with the Quinlan Honors community for their first year.

Quinlan Honors students live in the same residence hall for strong pedagogical reasons. The Quinlan Honors Program is academically challenging, and we are organized to provide our students with a great deal of support.

Contact the Program Director

Amy Kyhos
Quinlan Honors Program Director