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Austin Tolentino

Austin Photo

Tolentino (right) presents his research at Loyola’s Weekend of Excellence in April 2016.

Name: Austin Tolentino
Major/Minor: Economics and Marketing (double major)
Hometown: Darien, IL

Why did you join the Quinlan Honors Program?

I was offered early acceptance and applied to both honors programs at Loyola. I decided that I wanted to be more exposed to what Quinlan had to offer.

What’s your favorite part of Quinlan Honors? How has it shaped your education and goals?

I really enjoy the professors and small class sizes. It makes it easier to build friendships. Connections to professors helped me a ton. Professor Stacy Neier helped me pursue a research fellowship through her encouragement and expertise.

Talk a little about a professor or mentor in the Quinlan Honors program who inspired you.

As I mentioned before, Stacy Neier has inspired me as a student in many ways. She is always accessible, personable, inspiring and supportive of her students. Her strong interest in market research inspired me pursue a research fellowship here at Loyola. She is the reason I have excelled at marketing and have taken interest in it as a subject and profession.

And finally, what do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?

I hope to work in market research or community development. I plan on attending grad school and exploring the study of experimental psychology. I eventually hope to be a lead researcher.

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