Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


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  • ACCT 306: Advanced Accounting—Business Combinations, Consolidations and International
  • ECON 323: International Economics
  • ECON 324: International Monetary Relations
  • ECON 325: Economics of Development and Growth
  • FINC 355: International Financial Management
  • HRER 325: Global Employment Relations
  • HRER 329: Global Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
  • SCMG 338: Logistics in the Global Economy
  • MARK 363: International Marketing
  • MGMT 305: Global Business Strategy (Rome Campus only)
  • MGMT 315: International Management
  • SPRT 345: Globalization of the Sport Industry

*Only one 399: Selected Topics course in any subject area can be applied to the International Business major/minor.

*Students may only take up to two courses in the same subject area for this major/minor.