Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Operations Management Minor

Effective Fall 2016, the Operations Management minor will become Supply Chain Management.

Non-Quinlan students who wish to expand their skills in operations management may pursue a minor in this field. The operations management minor requires 18 credit hours in these courses:

  • SCMG 332. Operations Management
  • Two courses from the following:
    • ACCT 201. Introductory Accounting I
    • ECON 201. Principles of Economics I (Micro) or ECON 202. Principles of Economics II (Macro)
    • INFS 247. Business Information Systems
    • MARK 201. Principles of Marketing
    • MGMT 201. Managing People and Organizations
  • Three 300-level operations management courses

Quinlan students who wish to pursue a minor in operations management must complete three 300-level operations management courses (excluding SCMG 332).

Important Details

At the discretion of the Quinlan School of Business assistant dean, a maximum of one transfer course taken prior to matriculating at Loyola University Chicago may be allowed. A 2.0 average GPA is required for all attempted business courses.

Quinlan students are limited to double dipping once (that is, counting one course twice) between any major or minor combination, regardless of what program the major or minor is taken in. Non-Quinlan students are limited to double dipping twice (that is, counting two courses twice) between business school minors and/or their respective majors.

Students planning to study abroad are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor early in the planning stage. A student will be permitted to take up to two advanced courses while studying abroad that will be courses counted toward their BA Economics major. All courses must be approved by the Quinlan Undergraduate Dean.