Loyola University Chicago



Curated by Noritaka Minami
Feb 2017 – Apr 2017

This exhibition features the works of four artists who are experimenting with the idea of “the outmoded” in photography today. Over the last decade, digital technology has become the primary means of producing photographic images both in the art world and society at large, superseding the role previously held by what is now commonly referred to as “analog” technology. Many artists have abandoned the use of film and darkroom printing in favor of high-resolution sensors and inkjet printing. However, others have directed their attention to “obsolete” materials in order to reexamine the idea of photography and explore new possibilities for the medium in producing art. The works by the four artists in this exhibition challenge viewers to see the potentials of using “the outmoded” in photography today.

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Participating Artists:

Noah Doely
April Friges
John Steck Jr.
Kristine Thompson