Loyola University Chicago


Let Us Vote! Voting Stations for Those Who Legally Can't

March - April 2021

Organized by Aram Han-Sifuentes

According to the U.S. Election Project, in 2016 28.6% of Americans, equating to 92 million people, were disenfranchised and ineligible to vote in the presidential elections. The Official Unofficial Voting Station is an art project that creates symbolic voting events, performances and art installations for those whose votes are suppressed due to disenfranchisement. Disenfranchised groups include youth under 18, non-citizens, incarcerated and ex-felons (depending on state laws), residents of U.S. territories, and those without government issued I.D.s (depending on state laws).

What can voting look like if it were more accessible? What can voting look like if the disenfranchised could be the ones to determine what shows up on the ballots? Ballots and ephemera from the 2020 Official Unofficial Voting Stations will be on view in addition to Loyola student projects created in FNAR 393. Official Unofficial Voting Station is a site of empowerment, site for protest, site for sharing resources, site for social engagement and discussion, and is a collective art project making disenfranchisement visible and fighting against it in the United States.


image courtesy of Aram Han-Sifuentes



Installation view, south and east walls

Installation view, west wall

Installation view, north windows and east wall


Untitled by Tyler Smith

Voting Ensemble by Eric Guy


The Wrong Second Coming by Adrian Cabral


Can I Vote in the 2020 Presidential Elections in MA? by Amaya Morfin-Beltran


We Matter 2 by Gwendolyn Madden

Voting Stickers for ALL, by Cute Rage Press (Aram Han Sifuentes and Ishita Dharap)


Left: Are You My Voter?: A Guide to Who May Be (Surprisingly) Eligible to Vote in the United States Elections! by Tea Johnson.
Right: Nominate A Candidate by Abby Kilani

Voter Suppression my A** by Mia Hackett

Official Unofficial Voting Station Pop Up Book by Andrea Ramirez


Swinging Voting Challenge by Hana Comer

Swinging Voting Challenge by Hana Comer