Loyola University Chicago


Mysterious Possessions

Aug 2015 – Sept 2015

This exhibition of new work by Chicago artist Patricia Hernes explores wonder as part of artistic discourse. Her drawings are an invitation to consider the intellectual dialog that exists between objects; both real and imagined. In earlier work her mixed media pieces were repositories for shapes, forms and objects made visually coherent by formal compositional choices and divisions of the two dimensional surface. The results were often the creation of boxes, drawers and divided spaces. A shift in the new work in Mysterious Possessions turns the viewers attention to the objects themselves. By juxtaposing disparate forms to create artificial curiosities, both naturalia and artificialia, which defy taxonomies, typologies and classification, new mysterious artifacts exist side by side as objects of amazement. Because they do not fit into existing categories, these wonders are perfect objects for making us rethink our world.

Mysterious Possessions Curatorial Essay


Participating Artists:

Patricia Hernes