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Learn about 8 unique classes to take this summer

Learn about 8 unique classes to take this summer

By Tanner Walters | Student Reporter

Summer is almost here! Whether you’re going home or sticking around Chicago, you’ve got plenty of options for classes to take over the summer. If you’re looking to ease your course load for the fall semester, below are some of Loyola’s unique courses offered this summer.

ANTH 399: Field Archeology
Want to be the next Indiana Jones or just get out of the city? This class at the Loyola Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC) is the perfect fit. Learn field techniques for archival and excavation. Heads up: you’ll need the permission of the faculty to enroll in the class.

MUSC 103: Guitar for Beginners
Always wanted to learn to play guitar, but never got around to it? Here’s your chance. Learn basic guitar and music reading skills, and satisfy your Artistic Core requirement.

BIOL 282: Genetics
Brush up on your Punnett squares at home—this class is being offered online for the first time this summer during Session B.

SOCL 123: Mass Media and Popular Culture
If you’re spending your summer watching Netflix, you might as well talk about it in class. This class will analyze the relationships between people and the media. It satisfies the Tier 2 Societal Core and the Writing Intensive Requirement, but be sure you’ve taken your Tier 1 before registering.

THEO 282: Introduction to Hinduism
Learn about one of the world’s oldest and most influential religions in this online course. If you’re home for the summer, it’s the perfect chance to keep up with your studies.

PHYS 111, 111L, 112, and 112L
Knock out the sequential college physics series at the stunning Cuneo Mansion in Vernon Hills. Core classes are offered during both sessions.

FNAR 102: Modern Art
This Session A class promises many trips to the Art Institute on beautiful summer days.  

BIOL 111: General Biology Laboratory
What better place to complete your lab course than LUREC? Live on the beautiful Woodstock campus and conduct lab work in the field for a few weeks.