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Participate in Loyola's digital assistant pilot, eat pizza and enter a raffle

Participate in Loyola


As many of you know, Loyola University Chicago launched a pilot program of an artificially intelligent digital assistant for students, and we continue to look for people to test out the new tool and provide feedback. There are over 1,000 users currently using the system to help us test. The pilot program will run through December 7, 2019. We would like to get more participation and feedback from you the student. 

We would like you to play around and ask questions as you naturally would. If you already have access you can use the Digital Assistant at the following sites—bursarcampus cardresidence life, and advising. If you would like to participate, click on the icons and request an account. The system will record the way you ask questions so that we can continue to refine the system over the next several weeks.  Please make sure to provide any feedback to me or through the system.  

As an added bonus, ITS will have a pizza party and raffle for the top 30 students who participate in the digital assistant pilot. The pizza party will take place at the start of the spring semester. We will notify the users that have the top participation at the beginning of the year. 

We really appreciate your assistance and time to help us evaluate this initiative.