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Volunteering in Ghana: One student implements a clean water treatment

Volunteering in Ghana: One student implements a clean water treatment

International studies and communication studies double major took learning outside the classroom this summer as she worked in West Africa. Elizabeth Black recently returned from her experience in Ghana where she worked alongside a local community of women, empowering them to open and operate their own clean water businesses.

Name: Elizabeth Black

Year/Major: Junior, International studies and communication

What are you up to this summer?
During the month of June, I traveled to Ghana with Saha Global, a nonprofit, to implement a water treatment center in a rural village. I am also working and reading a lot!

What are you most excited about?
The future and what it holds for the world, society, the people I care about, and I guess myself, too!

How will your summer adventures add to your Loyola experience?
My summer adventures have given me different, valuable perspective on things. I hope I am able to bring a portion of that insight to Loyola. Hopefully, I use it to further educate and enlighten myself and those around me as we move forward to "set the world on fire!"

What is your desired profession or impact you hope to make on the world?
As cliché as it sounds, I want to help people. I would love to work in international development, but at the same time, I have lots of interests and am open to doing many things. I am so passionate about finding sustainable, socially responsible ways to implement valuable development projects in communities all over the world, while empowering people to solve their needs long-term. For now, I'll see where the future takes me, but as long as I'm making people's lives better in some way, then I'll be happy.

As always, for a little fun, what is your Chipotle order?
Burrito bowl all the way (with everything in it)!