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Felice's president dishes on his Loyola experience


Although pizza isn’t his major, it might as well be for senior Ryan Kelley, who devotes his time to improving Felice’s.

Name: Ryan Kelley

Major: Is pizza a major? (Management and Information Systems)

Year: Fifth-year senior

What are you up to this summer? 
Working with the finest team of people in all of the land to turn Felice’s into Loyola’s favorite dining establishment.

What are you most excited about? 
Some great new changes in store for Felice’s (stay tuned). Also the greatness that is Chicago…minus the polar vortex.

How are your summer adventures adding to your Loyola experience? 
There is, of course, the incredible value that working for Loyola Limited adds to any Loyola education. Aside from that, being in Rogers Park and Chicago, taking the opportunity to really get out and see the city, spend time with people, catch up on rest and some leisurely intellectual enlightenment—all help to complement the parts of the Loyola experience that are spent in classrooms and the IC.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of working in the food industry? 
Being able to walk out into the dining room and interact with customers. To see that one’s time and effort has, even in the smallest way, brightened someone’s day is the greatest reward; working in the foodservice industry allows me to experience that every day. 

What is your Felice’s order? 
A slice of pepperoni. I keep it simple.