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This Rambler spends his summer working festivals, writing grad school apps, and washing laundry

This Rambler spends his summer working festivals, writing grad school apps, and washing laundry

"Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” —Derek Zoolander

When Keagan isn’t binge watching Sons of Anarchy, you can find him all over Chicago working at festivals, writing graduate school samples, or training for track and field. Pictured above is Keagan working in Norville’s laundry room, pondering the deeper things in life:

Name: Keagan Potts

Year/Major: Senior, Philosophy and English

What are you up to this summer?
This summer I’m working on my writing sample for graduate school, working at the Norville athletic center’s laundry room, and on the weekends I’m working as a logistic manager for festivals organized by Star Events.  When not working, I am either working out or engrossed by my newest TV addiction.  With the enabling vice of Netflix I find myself blazing through seasons of Sons of Anarchy full throttle.

What are you most excited about?
I’m excited to have time to pursue all of the inspiration I receive from my jobs and hobbies. I am allowed more time to fully appreciate the writing process, musically and academically.

Is there something sparked your interest in this research?
My research is all about human rationality, particularly in cases where we don’t have time to deliberate or judge. My many interests show me the importance of bodily knowledge, self-knowledge and goal fulfillment. I hope that as a result of this issue I will be able to take what I learn about the building of perception and sense of self and apply it to issues of social injustice.

How will your summer adventures add to your Loyola experience?
I am lucky enough to have jobs that allow me firsthand encounters with the leading professionals in fields I love. I get to explore my academic interest in philosophy at a new level that I’ve never engaged with before. I am most excited about building momentum in each of my areas of interest (academia, athletics, and music) to carry me through my senior year and the end of my Loyola experience.  

Completely off topic, but totally important: What is your Chipotle order?
Burrito bowl with chicken, fajitas, no beans, brown rice and all the salsa they’ll give me.