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Meet LUie, Loyola's new Digital Assistant

Meet LUie, Loyola

LUie, Loyola’s Digital Assistant/Chatbot is currently being piloted to provide students with quick, accurate answers to common questions that otherwise would require a phone call or hunting through Loyola web sites. Last Fall Loyola launched the pilot program to test an artificially intelligent digital assistant.  To date there are over 1,000 test users currently using the digital assistant.  These users have provided valuable feedback for how we can improve the system and make it better. Since this first wave, we have improved LUie to answer even more student questions.  This spring we are opening the system to all undergrad students.  Students will be able to access the digital assistant at the following sites: LOCUS, Bursar, Campus Card, Residence Life, and Advising.  The system will record the way you ask questions so that we can continue refining the system over the next several weeks.  The more use and feedback the system gets, the smarter its artificial intelligence will become.  If you want to get involved or have ideas on how to get more students participation please contact us.