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Want to save some cash on campus? This guide is for you!

Want to save some cash on campus? This guide is for you!

By David Motsinger, Senior

Some days it’s tough living on a college budget in a big city. The best way to make it through (and possibly have the best time of your life) is to find a way to cut costs. Here are my favorite ways to get creative with my spending:

Equipment Loan Program
Before you head out and drop cash on electronic equipment for school, check with Digital Media Services! They lend everyday electronics through the Equipment Loan Program at the library. Students can check out items like phone chargers, bluetooth speakers, calculators, hard drives, laptops, and tablets. They’ll have you covered—regardless of if you just need to charge your phone before class or you’re itching to launch your film career.

Avoid Sales Taxes with Rambler Bucks

Chicago has the highest sales tax in the nation…and that can add up! You can avoid sales tax by adding Rambler Bucks to your account and using your Loyola ID to buy food at any of the specified on-campus dining facilities.

For those of you wondering if campus food is good, it is. I personally recommend Lu’s Deli & Pub and getting the Gold Coast Sandwich, but honestly, all of the sandwiches on the menu are delicious and surprisingly filling.

The money you save on sales tax could be used for one of the unlimited number of awesome things to do in Chicago, like exploring a new neighborhood, going to see a concert at Concord Music Hall, or visiting the Shedd Aquarium on Chicago’s Museum Campus!

Rambler ID Discounts
Surprise, surprise, your Rambler ID is more than just your personal reminder of what you looked like the first week of freshman year. It is also your golden ticket to massive discounts at restaurants around campus! Every Year, Ramblin’ Around publishes a guide for students interested in getting to know the neighborhood and saving some dough.

Just by being a student and having your Rambler ID, you can get 10% of your final bill at Giordano’s, a 20% discount off food at Bar 63, and a 10% discount off at Flaco’s Tacos. Is your mouth watering yet? Significant discounts for Loyola students are available at restaurants and business all around Loyola’s Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses. Make sure to bring your Rambler ID and ask for the discount.

Have any secret tips to save money while at Loyola? We’d love to hear them! Tweet us @ramblerbuzz!