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From Arrupe to Loyola

Meet two of Loyola's newest juniors

By Valeria Gomez

In 2015, Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago opened its doors to a diverse group of students hoping to achieve their dream of getting a higher education. Since then, Arrupe has featured small class sizes, one-on-one contact with faculty members, and support staff focused on helping students succeed. Arrupe students are passionate and dedicated; they fight for their dreams and achieve great things. This year, many of Arrupe’s first generation of graduates earned their bachelor's degrees at different universities around the country.

Two extraordinary Arrupe students are transferring to Loyola this year: Jacque Stefanic and Carlos Martinez. These students are leaders who served as members of the student government at Arrupe and are now key members of Loyola's student government.

Jacque Stefanic is a business marketing and management double-major and student worker at Loyola's Quinlan School of Business. During his first year at Arrupe College, he started getting involved with student government and became a senator for the Student Government of Arrupe College (SGAC). Stefanic initiated the implementation of a mentoring program between Arrupe and Quinlan students, which launched in 2018. He also organized the first tour at Quinlan for Arrupe business students. He then became president of SGAC and began fulfilling his promises to the student body—one of them being building a bridge to Loyola. During his time in office, he established meaningful connections with the then-president of Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC), Anusha Mannam, and together they created the Arrupe College student liaison position.

The SGAC vice president, Carlos Martinez, sat in the seat and acted as the bridge between Arrupe and Loyola. This partnership continues to grow and work efficiently. Now, Jacque serves as an associate communications officer and the elections committee chair for SGLC.

This August, Carlos Martinez will graduate from Arrupe College with his associate's degree in business administration and will be transferring to Loyola to pursue his bachelor's degree in business management with a minor in political science at Quinlan. During his time at Arrupe, he was an orientation leader, a math tutor, and peer instructor for first year students. He also served as the secretary of the Dreamers and Allies Student Organization and helped foster a more inclusive environment for the undocumented community at Arrupe. Martinez was also the vice president of the SGAC. He served as the Arrupe College student liaison for SGLC, with the hopes of making Arrupe students feel more included as part of the Loyola community. 

Nowadays, he continues to serve the student body of Loyola as the chief communications officer of SGLC. Martinez will also serve as a student senator for the University Senate of Loyola, which is the primary organization of the University’s shared governance.