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Loyola and Chicago’s first student-run communications agency holds showcase featuring client work

Real work. Real clients. Real results.

by: Jenny DeRango and Kristin Micheletti

“I’ve always been a go-getter and was attracted to how fast-paced and entrepreneurial Inigo was,” said Emily Robertson, Inigo’s firm director and recipient of the 2020 President’s Medallion for the School of Communication.

Emily was drawn to Inigo from the moment she learned about it from the faculty advisor, Cheryl McPhilimy. As a recently declared advertising creative major at the time, Emily knew this was an opportunity she could not miss. Three semesters later, she’s met with clients, created client deliverables, and most recently served as the visionary behind the restructure of Inigo.

Inigo Communications is Loyola’s and Chicago’s first and only student-run communications agency—giving student members the incredible opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with real clients during their undergraduate years. Inigo operates just as any other "real-world" agency does. Located in the heart of the city, Inigo gives members the chance to network and gain insight from industry professionals working at some of the world’s largest PR firms located within walking distance.

This fall marks Inigo’s fifth semester producing client work for Chicago-based start-up companies. Inigo is currently working with four clients: Barry Butler Photography, Avionos, Spotivity, and Promotable. As a team with a variety of skills, Inigo offers PR and creative deliverables that help strengthen its clients’ brand and image. Each of these clients has returned to Inigo Communications after working with members in the past because of the results they’ve seen.

Inigo Communications consists of four different interest and skill-based teams: creative, public relations/media, account and corporate communications. Each of these teams offer students the opportunity to gain experience in different areas of work.

When asked why she chose to stay onboard with Inigo for three semesters, Emily explained how she has seen herself flourish and develop alongside Inigo. “As I saw myself grow tremendously through Inigo, I also saw Inigo continue to grow and develop. Because we're student-run, we have the ability to make all the big decisions and call the shots.”

Starting as an account executive her first semester, coming back as creative director her second semester, and now serving as firm director, Emily played a key role in Inigo’s recent restructuring.

“I researched how other student-run and global agencies are structured, met with other Inigo members to talk about the obstacles they faced, and devised a game plan for a new restructure. From there, our new structure was born...we're creating more, high-quality deliverables than ever before and our member retention rate is the highest it's ever been.”

Inigo Communications hosts a semi-annual, Final Showcase event at the end of each semester to present the completed client work over the course of each term. This fall, Inigo’s Final Showcase will be held on Tuesday, December 3 from 5 to 6 p.m. in Kasbeer Hall of Corboy Law Center, located at 25 E. Pearson Street. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Come learn how Inigo is continuing to break boundaries and make its mark on Chicago as the city’s first and only student-run communications agency.