Loyola University Chicago

Council of Regents

Regent's Award

The Regents Award is presented to by the Council of Regents to a Loyola student in recognition of his or her leadership and service to the University. 


Hope Shannon

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Daniel Ziemniak

BA 2014 Graduate, 

BS 2014 Graduate, 
Secondary Education

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Pedro A. Regalado

BA 2013 Graduate,

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Kevin Casey

MD 2013 Graduate,
Stritch School of Medicine

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Kelsey Horton

BA 2012 Graduate,
Arts & Sciences

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Zacharea Katerji

BS 2011 Graduate,

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Aaron Brunmeier

BA 2010 Graduate,
Arts & Political Science

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Jennifer DeNeal

BA 2009 Graduate,
Arts & Sciences

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Scott Harris

BA 2008 Graduate,
Arts & Sciences

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Atheni Asihel

BA 2007 Graduate,
Arts & Sciences

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Anthony Bahr

BA 2006 Graduate,
Business Administration

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