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Office of Registration and Records

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The Office of Registration and Records encourages you to refer to this site throughout the academic year. Here are a number of tools we provide to assist you, but remember we can always be contacted directly:


LOCUS is your portal to the student information system. To help you use LOCUS effectively, a LOCUS Training site has been established. The faculty training materials located under Helpful LOCUS Documentation consist of tutorials on:

  • Obtaining class rosters
  • First-week-of-class enrollment confirmation
  • Entering early-alert-mid-term grades
  • Entering final grades
  • Grade entry FAQ

For more information about LOCUS training, contact Nick Jones at: StudentInformationSystem@luc.edu.

   Help Links

The mailboxes listed below are a monitored closely by our office. Please use them to report, request or make inquires regarding the areas to which they pertain:

  • ClassScheduling@luc.edu: Used by department chairs and administrators to develop and address class scheduling needs; including updates to class sections, instructors, meeting patterns, classroom assignments,  and adding new courses & sections. 
  • FERPA@luc.edu: For all questions related to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Records@luc.edu: For grade change issues, registration, appointment time, degree posting, add/drop issues, room capacity, blocking individual student registration for a class.
  • Registrar@luc.edu: For general registration and records related questions such as student-generated questions, verifications, transcript inquiries, and similar issues.
  • StudentInformationSystem@luc.edu: For questions concerning faculty and staff use of LOCUS, the student information system.

   Key Dates

Use these links to keep important key dates in front of you. You may find it helpful to be aware of the following dates that impact the academic life of your students.

   Student Grades

A detailed explanation of the grading system is available under Academic Standards and Regulations, Grading System. However, please be aware of two important grade due dates:

1. The early alert/midterm grade date that enables the university to track students who may be struggling academically.

2. Final grades, which are due within 72 hours after the last day of class or final exam for the class.

   Exam Scheduling

Please see the Final Exam Schedule for the current term and note that if your class is offered in a time block that is off the grid (starting and/or ending outside of the assigned meeting times), your exam must be given in the "Others" block.

   More Resources

We encourage you to explore this Website. You will find many valuable university resources available to you on the Faculty�and Staff page.