Loyola University Chicago

Office of Registration and Records

Diploma Availability

Verification and Ordering Process

Graduating students should be aware that copies of their diplomas will be available anywhere from six to 10 weeks after graduation, due to necessary verification and vendor processing. Here’s how the process works:

  • The Office of Registration and Records is responsible for providing students with a copy of their diplomas after their respective schools complete degree audits for those students who have applied for graduation.
  • The school office may require two to four weeks after final exams have been completed to:
    • Ensure that final grades have been submitted for students
    • Verify that students have completed all requirements for their degrees
    • Award the degree and post the degree within LOCUS
  • After degrees have been posted in LOCUS, Registration and Records prepares and submits a diploma order to the vendor who then requires four to six weeks to process orders and ship diplomas back to Loyola.  Registration and Records then prepares the diplomas for mailing to or pickup by students.

Diploma Availability

Diplomas will be mailed to, or available for pickup by, graduates as follows:

  • Fall Graduate Business: Mid-January, the following year
  • Fall Graduate and Undergraduate: Early March, the following year
  • Fall Law School: Late March, the following year 
  • Winter Graduate Business: the following Mid-April
  • Spring Graduate School, Graduate Business, and Undergraduate: Late July
  • Spring Law School: Late July 
  • Summer Graduate Business: Late September
  • Summer Graduate and Undergraduate: Late September
  • Summer Law School: Early October

Diploma Distribution

Diplomas are mailed to students' permanent addresses, as recorded in LOCUS. Students are requested to verify the accuracy of their permanent address.

If you want to pick up your diploma in the Office of Registration and Records, or if you want it sent to an alternate mailing address, notify the Office of Registration and Records at: diploma@luc.edu within two weeks after the end of the term. You will be notified by e-mail when diplomas are available for pickup in Room 504, Lewis Towers, Water Tower Campus.

Law School students wishing to pick up their diplomas may do so in the office of the Law School's Registrar. If you want your diploma sent to an alternate mailing address, notify the Law School Registrar at: law-registrar@luc.edu prior to June 15. You will be notified by e-mail when diplomas are available for pickup at 25 E. Pearson, Room 1430, Water Tower Campus.

Diploma Replacement

Diploma Replacement  order form.