Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Diversity Statement

The Department of Residence Life at Loyola University Chicago is committed to building an inclusive environment that supports all students and values members of marginalized communities. We create living and working spaces that intentionally focuses on social justice and maintain the human dignity of all, which is consistent with our Jesuit identity and mission. Our lens is intersectional and intentional, as we know that the work is ongoing and ever-changing. Our focus is our people, our climate, and our staffing practices to make sure we are creating safe and equitable spaces for those living and working within residence life.


The Department of Residence Life serves residents, student staff, and professional staff who are all contributors to the community environment. In centering Loyola University Chicago’s Student Promise, we believe that bigotry or any forms of harassment including verbal or written abuse, threats, ridicule, intimidation, cyber-bullying, or violence against marginalized members or visitors of our communities have no place. Likewise, we will not accept fear, ignorance, religious bias, or anger as an excuse, reason, or rationale for such behavior. Should any of this occur in our halls or department, our office will work closely with the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, the Office for Equity & Compliance, and Campus Safety to resolve and rectify the situation as needed.


Recognizing the essential role diversity plays in educational excellence, we will intentionally educate and challenge communities where members can integrate key academic, spiritual, and social experiences that inform their authentic being through our residential curriculum. As we strive to create inclusive communities, we recognize that the most marginalized populations need to be centered when living out that goal.  We will continue to build mutually beneficial relationships in collaboration with our campus partners to provide support and resources for those living and working within residential communities.

Staffing Practices

We are dedicated to promoting an inclusive hiring practice by recruiting, selecting, hiring, and retaining a competent and diverse team that reflects the cultural diversity of the Loyola and greater Chicago community. A diverse staff engages critically, pushes for equitable practices, and is dedicated to continuing their cultural humility journey. In order to have a holistic staffing practice where our employees are retained, we will continue to implement structures to support their growth, success, and wellness.

The Department of Residence Life’s commitment to these principles is an integral part of our purpose, values and daily activities. We will continue to hold each other accountable in upholding the inclusive values of the department as well as the institution’s Jesuit identity and mission.


Adapted from ACPAs Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization and URI’s Diversity Statement for the use of Department of Residence Life at Loyola University Chicago.