Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Mission | Vision | Outcomes


In partnership with our residents, the Department of Residence Life

enhances the Loyola Experience by providing

safe and supportive living communities

where students can engage with others, explore their personal identity,

and develop a deeper understanding of their impact on the world.


By providing excellent customer service and

fostering diverse and inclusive communities in well-maintained buildings,

Residence Life will be the preferred housing choice for Loyola students.

Through our innovative practices, living on campus will

become an integral part of the educational experience and

help prepare students to create meaningful change in the world. 

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Residence Life programs and services will...

...explore, articulate, and act consistently with their personal values, while understanding how their actions impact others.

...independently navigate processes while recognizing the importance of self-advocacy and personal responsibility.

...recognize the value of inclusion by engaging in diverse communities and will be able to identify ways to advocate for others locally and globally.

...achieve a higher level of academic success as a result of engaging with students, faculty, and staff of varied academic interests.