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The Residency Requirement

The Benefits of Living On Campus

The residential experience is considered an integral part of a student’s education and the Loyola Experience. Research over the past 40 years demonstrates a more productive and more satisfying experience for students who reside in university residence halls than those who live off-campus.

A student who lives in a Loyola residence hall is more likely to...

  • Take full advantage of campus resources

  • Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs

  • Complete more credit hours per semester

  • Achieve greater academic success

  • Complete their studies and attain their degrees

  • Be more satisfied with their overall university experience

The Residency Requirement

All full-time first-year and second-year students are required to live in Loyola University Chicago Residence Life housing and purchase a meal plan. Typically, this requirement requires four semesters of residency in Loyola's residence halls (not including summer terms). This residency requirement is published in the Undergraduate Bulletin of Information, on the University website, and in the annual Community Standards for Loyola students.

Conscious that a small number of students may be interested in pursuing their educational goals without this residential experience, Loyola University Chicago affords a non-residential option for students living at home with parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Students seeking a non-residential experience must complete the exemption request process and meet established criteria to be approved.

Requesting an Exemption

Students may request exemption from the residency requirement. If a student enters into the Student Housing Agreement and later requests a release from the requirement, there may be financial penalties for the student failing to honor the commitment of the agreement for the entire academic year. While an exemption from the On-Campus Residency Requirement might be awarded in a given case, often this triggers financial penalties under the Student Housing Agreement “Room Rates for Academic Year” clause, up to and including full remaining rates due.

Exemption Criteria

Exemptions to the residency requirement are limited to four categories:

  • Living with Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) in the greater Chicago area. This category of exemption is only accepted prior to move-in; we will not accept this reason for release from a previously signed contract.

  • Marriage or Civil Union. A certificate proving marriage/union is required.

  • Financial Burden which would prevent you from attending Loyola University Chicago if not allowed to live off campus. This does not include the financial burden created by signing an Off-Campus Lease after entering into an agreement with our office or prior to being approved for exemption.

  • Medical Disabilities which cannot be accommodated on campus as determined in partnership with Student Accessibility Center.

  • Age 21 or Older before the start of the academic term.

Each of these reasons requires some verification from third parties associated with documentation of the situation. The Request for Release/Exemption from the Housing Agreement must be accompanied by the documentation before a decision about the request can be made.

Fulfilling the requirements for exemption will not constitute an automatic release from the residency requirement. Failure to obtain an approved exemption from Residence Life will result in the posting of the semester housing charges to the student’s LUC account. Any first or second-year student registered for the fall semester who fails to sign up for housing and has not been approved for an exemption will automatically be assigned a room and meal plan and will be responsible for those charges unless a Request for a Release from the housing contract is completed and approved. Nonpayment of this charge could result in the cancellation of classes and/or restriction from registering for any additional classes.

Any student found to have provided false information on the Request for Release or Exemption form or during a personal interview may be subject to university disciplinary action.


Requesting a Release

The student may request a release from this Contract by completing the online Request for Release or Exemption Form online at http://www.luc.edu/eRelease. No verbal notices or notices sent to any other departments serve as a valid request for release from this Contract. If a request for release is approved, the student will have 48 hours from receipt of such approval to remove all personal belongings and move out of their Student Housing in accordance with the move out procedures outlined and communicated by a Residence Life staff member. Students must seek permission for any extensions on this timeline. Requests for a voluntary release may be approved in the following circumstances:

  • A release request from a first-year student received at any time prior to May 1 before the Fall Term.

  • A release request for any other student received, from the earlier to occur of, (1) 15 calendar days from the student’s receipt of written notification of assignment/confirmation of assignment of Student Housing or (2) 15 calendar days prior to the “occupancy begins” date as established by this Contract.

  • A release requested by a student who has a recommended residential accommodation on file from SAC that currently cannot be met on campus through their current assignment of Student Housing.

    • Residence Life seeks to provide on campus Student Housing to any student who desires an oncampus living experience regardless of ability or medical need. As such, Residence Life reserves the right to attempt to find an appropriate assignment to meet a student’s recommended accommodation before granting a request for release. 

  • A student has experienced an unforeseen change in circumstance since entering into this Contract. Typically, in order for such a request to be approved, the changed circumstance is related to sudden financial hardship or other significant loss. The student must submit documentation supporting their request for release. 

  • A student has experienced a change in enrollment status in which they are no longer enrolled in courses at the University. Among other things, signing an off-campus lease, failure to occupy assigned Student Housing, or achieving third-year academic status does not negate or release a student from this Contract.

To complete a Request for Exemption or Release,

please submit your information online: forms.LUC.edu/eRelease