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Residence Life

Health and Safety Inspections

a shared responsibility

Once each semester, during the months of October and February/March, Residence Life inspects all residence hall rooms as part of our Health and Safety Inspections. The purpose of these inspections is to identify and address any health, safety, sanitation, and/or maintenance issues in student rooms.

There are several reasons for Health and Safety Inspections:

  • To encourage students to be engaged in maintaining a clean and safe living environment and promote a better understanding of the expectations the University has for students living on-campus.

  • To prevent potential damage to rooms or other issues that impact the health, safety, and quality of life for all students living in the residence halls.

  • To assist in properly maintaining the condition of our residence halls.

Preparing for Health and Safety Inspections

Students are expected to follow all Residence Life and University policies and to maintain the general cleanliness of their rooms throughout the year. If your Fall Break plans include going home, we recommend that you take home any prohibited items you may have prior to inspections. 

Prohibited Items

Candles, incense, hookahs, bicycles (when stored in the room), empty alcohol containers, unauthorized pets, dangerous objects, hot plates, toaster ovens, alcohol/alcohol paraphernalia (if under 21), drugs and drug paraphernalia

This list is not exhaustive. For more information about prohibited items, health, safety, and cleanliness expectations, please see the Community Standards.

If you have any questions regarding Health and Safety Checks,

please contact your RA, ARD, or RD.