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Move In


Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.


Welcome to Loyola University Chicago! This fall, you will be joining one of the largest first-year classes in Loyola University Chicago history. By living on campus, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of being part of a vibrant community of learners within walking distance to your classes. Included below is general information about making Loyola home. Follow the links for detailed information 

Move-In Dates are below. You will be assigned a specific move in date and time, which you will receive more information on via your campus email in late-July.
Baumhart Hall Move-In: Tuesday, August 23rd
Incoming First Year Student Move-In: Tuesday, August 23rd- Thursday, August 25th
LSC Returning and Upperclass Student Move-In: Saturday, August 27th 
Please Note: Friday, August 26th is New Student Convocation and no move-ins will be permitted on this day. 

Students moving into the residence halls should follow the below steps. Please note that masks are still encouraged on campus in areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain, such as elevators and hallways. 

  • Check-In | We will have check-in zones for various buildings on campus. Please first go to the zone for your building. Your specific move in location will be communicated in your Move In Email. Provide a photo ID to the staff at check-in station for your building, where you will be issued your key and important information. If you are arriving by public transit or mode of transportation other than personal vehicle, you will still need to the go to the check-in location for your respective hall or area.
  • Unload | You will arrive at your designated check-in location and unload your belongings. If you are arriving on your assigned arrival date and not a part of any early arrival group, Move-In Volunteers with be available to assist with the move-in process. You are permitted to have a maximum of 4 guests help you unload and move into your room. Please try to limit the amount of items you bring. Please see the packing list section below for more detail.
  • Park | After unloading, proceed to the main parking structure (P1 on the Lakeshore Campus Map
  • Submit eRCR | The Room Condition Report (eRCR) documents the condition of your room prior to your arrival. Please review and submit this form once you are in your room but before you unpack.
  • Unpack | Unpack your belongings and get comfortable in your room. Take any trash/recycling to the appropriate designated areas.
  • Connect | Check your email for more information about connecting to the network and to the Loyola community.

 Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.

To further protect our community and help ensure a healthy and safe start to the semester, Loyola University Chicago requires all students, staff and faculty to be up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations, including a booster. 

All students must have their vaccination records, including booster information, uploaded and approved on the Loyola Health website prior to their arrival on campus. Click here to upload your records today. If a student's vaccination status is not approved at the time of their arrival for Move-In, they will not be permitted to check in. 

Students and any guests coming to campus during move-in are encouraged to test prior traveling and/or arriving on campus and, while not required, students and guests are encouraged to wear a mask as social distancing may be difficult during the move-in process.

Please refer to the Return to Campus website here for the most updated information regarding vaccination, testing, and mask guidelines.



You can find detailed information about what is permitted to move into the halls, as well as what decorations are permitted, etc. at our Room Care and Facility Policies Page.

bed linens (twin XL), pillows, and blankets
mobile phone, charger, accessories
basic first-aid supplies
waste basket and bags
computer and accessories
notebooks, folders, binders, etc.
index cards
HE laundry detergent/dryer sheets
laundry bag/basket
sewing kit and safety pins
glass/surface cleaner
vacuum cleaner
minifridge (max 4.2 cu.ft.; 1 per room)
Not permitted in apartment-style buildings
microwave (max. 800 watts; 1 per room)
power strips/surge protectors
some dishes/flatware/pots and pans

Do NOT Bring

sofas, futons, and other excess furniture
air conditioning units (all rooms have air conditioning)
appliances with exposed heating elements
extension cords
halogen lamps
pets (except fish)
heirlooms/expensive jewelry
alcohol or alcohol containers (if under 21)
See the Community Standards for more information.


Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.

Included below are some tips to help you have an enjoyable Move-In experience.

  • Don't overpack | Everything you need should fit into 1 moving cart (carts are 48"x28.5"x59"). Excess furniture is prohibitedPlease see our Suggested Packing List (included in the next section) for tips.
  • Travel in one (1) vehicle only | Multiple cars, RVs, and other large vehicles will not be permitted in the campus parking garage or residence hall unloading zones.
  • Arrive at your allotted time | Move in times will be carefully alotted to allow for social distancing for both students and staff.
  • Be prepared | Have a photo ID out and ready as you go to the check in location.

You may be starting to get your materials for moving in to Loyola. Make sure you consider sustainability and your impact when you make that shopping trip and pack your bags. Try these tips for a “Green Move In”:

1. Bring good quality, reusable products – A reusable water bottle, a good backpack and a basic set of 2 plates and a reusable cutlery set.

2. Don’t pack for the one-off, as these materials will just take up space and may end up in the trash. If it is too dainty, specialized or random, don’t bring it.

3. For those things that are fragile, consider protecting them with your clothes or bedding. Don’t bring a lot of unnecessary packaging like bubble wrap, or worse yet, foam peanuts, these just end up in the landfill.

4. Think about packing in reusable containers such as bedding bags or storage containers.

5. If you do use cardboard boxes to bring your things, make sure to break them down and recycle them in appropriate locations.

6. We’re trying to reduce our unnecessary paper use so plan ahead and print only what is necessary.

7. Consider bringing your bike or look into ChainLinks for a year-long or semester-long bike rental. Get up to speed on the public transit and learn about your UPass and all the places that CTA can take you. https://www.luc.edu/campustransportation/generalinformation/alternativetransportation/

8. Try to limit the electrical equipment you plan to bring as this all uses energy. When shopping, buy a Smart Power Strip that automatically powers down unused equipment.

9. Talk to your roommate (s) about what items they’re bringing and share what you can. Game systems, speakers, hair dryers and other items may not be needed if your roommate is already bringing it.

10. Don’t bring single-use products like paper towels, paper plates or plastic cutlery. Hand towels, dish towels and a drying rack can reduce waste and save money.

Think about making your room a “Green Dorm Room”. This interactive page shows you some tips on how you can Live Green at Loyola. https://www.luc.edu/reslife/resources/sustainability/greenlifecertification/