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Residence Life

Move-In Fall 2018

Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.
As you can probably imagine, moving over 4400 students into a densely populated, urban neighborhood over a few days is quite a feat. Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Residence Life, with the help of our campus partners, has developed a structured and efficient process that makes the move-in experience as easy as possible for students and their families.
One key to our process is specifically assigned move-in days and times that each individual student will receive via their Move-In Manual and email. Moving into your assigned residence hall at the correct time and being familiar with the process will help us move you into your space in about 20 to 30 minutes.
Each student will be assigned a specific arrival date and time. Please plan your travels to arrive at the beginning of your allotted arrival time, which will be provided in your digital Move-In Manual. This manual will be available online in mid-July and contains information about traffic, checking in, unloading, and parking.
Early Arrival Requests
Some students will be permitted to move-in early in a limited number of circumstances. Students wishing to move-in before their assigned arrival date must request Early Arrival. The Request Form is available on the Residence Life Portal. (sign-in required)
(form available in mid-July)
Our complete Move-In Schedule is included below for reference.
Please refer to your Move-In Manual for your personalized arrival information.
Water Tower Campus
  • Wednesday, August 15 | Law 1 Orientation Attendees + Leaders (must request Early Arrival)
  • Tuesday, August 21 | Baumhart Hall residents

Lake Shore Campus

  • TBA  | International First Year Student Orientation
  • TBA  | Incoming Transfer students attending Orientation
  • Tuesday, August 21 | First Year students
  • Wednesday, August 22 | First Year students
  • Thursday, August 23 | First Year and Incoming Transfer students
  • Friday, August 24 | No Move-ins permitted. Please attend Convocation.
  • Saturday, August 25 | Upper-Class students
  • Sunday, August 26 | Students may continue to arrive

Students arriving before their assigned arrival time may be redirected to the parking garage and may need to wait until their arrival time begins or until conditions allow for an additional move-in slot. Students may move-in after their assigned arrival time, but we cannot guarantee staff or volunteers will be available to assist. 

Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.

All rooms are furnished with 1 bed, 1 desk, 1 chair, and 1 dresser per student. Keep in mind that space may be limited; it's best to talk with your roommate before moving in about what can be shared. This list is intended as an overview, ultimately, each student will determine what items they need to make Loyola home.


clothing (Chicago weather ranges from hot to cold)
bed linens (twin XL), pillows, and blankets
alarm clock
mobile phone, charger, accessories
storage boxes
basic first-aid supplies
waste basket and bags
computer and accessories
notebooks, folders, binders, etc.
index cards
laundry detergent/dryer sheets
High Efficiency (HE) detergent only
laundry bag/basket
iron and ironing board
sewing kit and safety pins
fabric refresher
glass/surface cleaner
vacuum cleaner*
*University provided vacuums will only be available for check-out at winter break, spring break, and closing.
minifridge or MicroFridge (max 4.2 cu.ft.; 1 per room)
Not permitted in apartment-style buildings
microwave (max. 800 watts; 1 per room)
desk lamp and light bulbs
power strips/surge protectors
some dishes/flatware
playing cards and board games
Do NOT Bring
sofas, futons, and other large furniture
air conditioning units
appliances with exposed heating elements
extension cords
halogen lamps
pets (except fish)
heirlooms/expensive jewelry
alcohol or alcohol containers (if under 21)
See the Community Standards for more information.
Shop {super} local! Visit IggysList, Loyola's own version of Craigslist: LUC.edu/iggy
Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.
Students should have some type of renters insurance before moving to campus, as residents are responsible for their property. The University and Residence Life do not accept responsibility for the theft, damage, or other loss of money, valuables, or personal effects in or on University or residence hall property, including community lounges and parking lots. Contact your insurance provider for more information.
Welcome to Loyola. Welcome home.
We look forward to having you join the Loyola University Chicago community!