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Meet RA Madisyn

Resident Assistant Madisyn holding a

Madisyn is in her second year serving as an RA in Mertz Hall. We took some time to ask about her experiences in the position and as a student at Loyola.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Madisyn and I am a Junior Theatre Major at Loyola and a proud Wisconsinite! I love getting to know new people and trying new things. I am always on the go, but if I’m not in rehearsal, my residence hall, or a classroom, you can find me hanging out with friends or binge watching the latest Netflix series.

What things are you passionate about?

I am passionate about getting to know and helping others. I love theatre because I believe it is an art form which can be used both to educate people about the world and give them a break from reality. Sometimes all we need is a little song and dance and a happy ending. I am also passionate about travel. After interning abroad in Melbourne, Australia this summer, I realized how important it is to step outside of our comfort zones and look at the world through someone else’s perspective. 

How has the RA position helped you to engage with issues of social justice, diversity, or inclusion?

Being an RA has put me at the center of a large transition in new students’ lives. Learning about their individual struggles, both with coming to college and in life itself, has led me to have personal connections with people directly affected by the injustices of society. Seeing how a certain law or policy can change the life of a person you respect and care for makes it harder to stay silent. Helping my residents and RA team members have their voices heard, as well as finding ways to use my own voice, has been a direct result of being in the RA role.

What have been the most meaningful experience(s) you have had within your RA role?

The relationships I have formed with residents, team members, and staff will stay with me forever. Having a job in which you live where you work can be difficult, but it leads to making strong connections and having an impact on people’s lives, as well as having others impact you.

How is the RA position helping you to prepare for the next chapters in your life? 

The RA position teaches you how to recognize the different ways others communicate and how to respect those differences. It helps you learn how to compromise and work as a team, and how to know when to step up and when to step back. Being an RA also means having conversations about self reflection and how you as an individual have grown and where you need to keep growing. Every aspect of the RA role applies in some way to the next steps in our lives.

What is one piece of information potential RAs should know before they join the RA team?

There is not one way to lead, and you do not have to stick to one way of “being a leader!” 

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